Tuesday, 27 March 2007

What is wrong?

I've been losing my eyesight lately, for whatever reasons.
I'm having blurry vision for the whole day (many days) and I have to squirm and squirt my eyes in order to see whatever I want to see. Not sure why, perhaps lack of sleep and having too bright lights in the office?

There are many things that contribute to a perfect (or rather better) working environment.

Firstly, we should have good working partners - which is sadly lacking in this place I'm working in. People are just only interested in what they are working on, and aren't willing to help each other out. Else, there aren't initiatives to help each other out and rather spend their time doing other stuff.

Second - Communication
If everyone can communicate properly to each other on what they want and need, I guess things won't be in such a mess now. There are things which I don't and won't understand since I'm not an engineering person. Hence if there are no clear instructions/ briefing, I won't be able to complete the job throughly despite putting much efforts into it. The worst thing is, when the party is not listening to what I'm trying to say based on what I know. It might not be right, but at least it explains what I'm working on (based on my knowledge) and that you'll get a better picture. I won't say that I'm an expert or whatsoever, but at least I try my best. Everytime I try to get a confirmation, I'm being "pushed away" with reasons being "busy" or "just ignore it". Well, how can I complete my work then?

Third - Workflow
If there are proper workflow dictated to us, work should be done easier. I guess too many cooks spoil the broth. Everyone has their own opinion and tries to injet their own "flavour" and opinion. It's even worse when the boss himself do not know what he wants.

I guess it's just my luck to meet all these obstacles.
Perhaps I shouldn't expect too much.

Well I always believe that I can do it, and I shall.

you've really disappointed me today.

.:: Juan Juan ::.


Injenue said...


milk said...

hi, i think she is talking about me.

. : : Juan Juan : : . said...

Yes yes.. talking about u!!! don't make me angry again hahahaha

milk said...

without me, ur life will be so plain.. bleh~~

. : : Juan Juan : : . said...

FYI: I like my life plain ok..
and I think I'm the one who brightens up your life.. hahaah