Friday, 16 March 2007

Grouchier than ever...

i hate mornings.

well, perhaps more in Austria only.

i hate the feeling of waking up in the morning, feeling damn irritated.
i hate the feeling that I don't get enough sleep due to extensive snoring from my roommate.
i hate the feeling that I don't have any personal space here.

ijust feeling damn grouchy these few mornings.
just ignore me.

Sidenote: (but Chanel made my day today. Thanks gal! CB* rocks!)
*sorry folks, private joke


chanel said...

EH..u say like that ppl tot i wat vulgar. .siow B was swearing too..!!haha.. anyway u re the one whu made my day man! DAmn funny.. thanks for e help and everything. you are simply wonderful.

Love u sooo much!!


Injenue said...


. : : Juan Juan : : . said...

Thanks leh..