Thursday, 15 March 2007

To all my NCRF...

This post is specially dedicated to all my non-chinese reading friends (herein referred to as NCRF) who have been complaining about my blog being written in Chinese. The last straw came from Gerald, whose comment was "OMG! Your blog is in chinese. OMG" when I asked him to visit my blog. (So you happy now? Better leave me comments!!)

Well... let me see... why do I blog in Chinese?
After much deep thinking, I can only think of these few SIMPLE reasons:

a) It SEEMS more sophisticated.
b) It reminds me that I'm so bilingually talented.
c) It makes me realise how wonderful my hanyu pinyin is.

Honestly, I like writing in both English and Chinese. But am actually learning to write better phrases in Chinese I guess. And being in Europe currently, one can't help going back to one's roots I guess. (CRAP! hahaha).

I've been very lazy lately to update my blog (as always) but I've taken TONS of photos lately, esp during the trip to Vienna 2 weekends ago. I guess I have to blame it on my camera settings (1 photo is 2.8MB!!!) cos I got to resize and all (me being a perfectionist and all hahahah). Well, I'll just have to re-set the bloody camera to a smaller file size I guess so that my beloved readers (any out there?) can get to see the beautiful city of Graz (once again) and Vienna.

Till then, my dear NCRFs...wait for my next english post..

.::Juan Juan::.

Sidenote to Gerald:
Yup seen that you've finally updated your blog (for my sake according to you)... but but but.. no mention of me at all!! If it's for my sake, then shd at least give me a footnote or what ah.. hehehe


kl_nn said...

Not to worry my dear........
Me who does not belong to NCRF, shall be as effectively bilingual as u are. If its in english, my comments shall be english. If ur blog is in chinese, i shall leave my chinese trace behind. And most importantly, u dun have to mention me in ur blog at all, in case ppl find out who this himbo is.

. : : Juan Juan : : . said...

Hahahah I simply love you man!! Maybe I will dedicate one post specially about you to you.. the one and only himbo in my life.. heheh

kl_nn said...

Pls dun........

Under federal law, identity of himbo had to be kept anonymous to protect the innocent.


. : : Juan Juan : : . said...

Innocent my foot! Hahah.. bribe me then.. I shall consider if the bribe is up to my standards!

kl_nn said...

u shall be prosecuted for soliciting bribery!!!!!

And himbo's identity shall remain anonymous.


. : : Juan Juan : : . said...

that's easy... WE SHALL SEE then..

Ladies and Gentlemen.. keep your eyes posted on this blog!


kl_nn said...

Life at stake ar!!!!!

Can someone save an innocent himbo?????


p.s. perhaps time to turn blond again.............

Injenue said...

hahaha footnote meh! ok lar next post lar =p and by the way i CAN read chinese ok. just that very slow only... and i mean v.e.r.y slow haha. you faster post pics, that kind easiest no need effort to "read" =x