Tuesday, 3 April 2007

"Things not within my control"

To me, the things that are not within my control, are things which no matter how much effort I put in, there are still no improvements/ results are not what I expect/ want.

Natural disasters, World Peace, Deadly Diseases, Death are some of the many things which I classify as "not within my control". How often do we hear our friends and family saying "there are things which aren't within my control"? Well, of course I'm guilty of that too.

I have a few bad habits (okok A LOT A LOT! happy?!? hahah) that I always use that sentence to counter my friends.

One of which is being late - all the time.
I do know that it's a very irritating habit of mine. I really dunno when and why I've cultivated this very bad habit of being late for all outings with my friends. As much as I want to change that, I don't seem to be putting in a lot of efforts. To all my dear friends out there, I promise that I will put in effort to arrive on time from today onwards. So do pat me on my back if I do ok? Encouragements are very much needed in this area.

Bad Tempered & Stubborness is my second on my list.
Perhaps I show this side of me only to the people who are very close to me for e.g. my family and the "Arobar" gang. Cos they are the only ones who complained abt this trait of mine. Yes, I admit that I'm stubborn cos I stick my "so-called" principles when it comes to certain things. And I can be VERY unreasonable if things don't go my way. But I can be very understanding too, so I guess that balances out? (trying hard to make amends).

Last on the list is Snoring.
I do snore. I think everyone does as well, BUT in terms of different audible "levels".
I used to snore so badly that I kept my travelling partner up all night even with her ipod earphones (with music of cos) firmly in her ears. Even Uncle Cheh complained abt my snoring. But in turn, Uncle Cheh starts to snore lately due to tiredness and I finally realised how bad it is to disturb others in their sleep with snores. Being a non-light sleeper, I drifted into sleep easily as he only snores in the first ten minutes of his sleep.

I'm not completely cured of cos, but I do try to minimise the audibility by sleeping on my side or front, learn to breathe the correct way and try to lose weight (to no avail hahah). I am also more conscious about the fact that I snore and be more cautious when sleeping. Of cos there are times when I really control cos I'm dead-tired but I try to sleep lightly when possible too.

Well, having said all that about my bad habits, I guess I can only conclude the following: "what goes around, comes around".

Nowadays, I find myself in the same situation as with my travelling partner, plugging music to no avail due to extensive audible snorings from my roomie here.

It must be retribution.

Well, all I can say is "This is not within my control" - the ball is in her court.

.:: Juan Juan ::.

P.S: In order to boost the "comments" traffic in my blog, suggestions to improve the situation is greatly appreciated.


Injenue said...

move out!

*~jAne daRlinG~* said...


your blog is rotting.
i swear it is!!


. : : Juan Juan : : . said...

Hallo.. i finally updated it.. happy? heehehe..