Wednesday, 22 April 2009

My name is Lim Jean Ginny. Nice to meet you.

Honestly I haven't tried doing this before even though I've heard some of friends doing so for themselves.

So out of curiousity, I did it. =P

I googled my name and volia! ... a whole list of people with the same name appeared.

There's a financial advisor,a food reviewer, a dojo leader (for akido), a contact person for Guangzhao Industrial Forest Biotechnology Group Ltd, a property agent, etc etc.
But alas... it was only when I scrolled to the bottom did I finally see the very result that represents "the real me" - my Yours Truly classified ads!

Undeterred, I keyed in "Lim Jean Ginny" (thinking that my full name should be quite special la) and searched again. This is what I see:

Hffmmm...Ok, so my name wasn't so special after all. Damn.

Edmund, who was beside me all the while, laughing at my reaction, forced urged me to try searching for his name. He claims that his surname is VERY SPECIAL.

So I googled him too and typically, this pops out:

People always mistake his surname as "Chen" instead of "Cheh". Hahah!
But he had the last laugh... cos ALL the other listed findings are "the real him". DAMN.

Well, to add on to it, he asked me to take on his surname, since his is soooo special. Can you imagine me being called Ginny Cheh, Cheh Jean Ginny, Cheh Jean?!!?
Hmmm, I guess not, it simply just sounds and look weird.

So there you go, I'm perfectly happy to be anoymous on Google.

My name is Lim Jean Ginny. How nice to have finally meet you. q(",)p

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May said...

u are always the ONE & ONLY Ginn =) but may be u should seriously consider calling yourself Ginny Lim-Cheh or simply Ginny Cheh = CooL!!! love ya!