Monday, 27 April 2009

My Friends and YouTube

I was just talking to Kewei about some talented people I've chanced upon on YouTube, while queuing for popcorn at the GV Marina last weekend.

People like David Choi, Marie Digby, Mia Rose, Sam Hart - they are mostly singer-songwriters, who climbed to fame by posting videos of them singing covers. You'll be surprised at the number of hits they've reached on their posts (over a few million hits!)

And I too, have some friends who hit fame on youtube, with over a few thousand hits for some of their videos, but hey, it's a start!).

Some sing cover songs:

Some respond with the same cover song:

Others write original song, with crazy lyrics:

Maybe I'll do one up myself soon... as soon as I can get over how to look into the camera and sing.

Will you be waiting in anticipation? What song would you want me to sing? =P

But in the meantime, I'll sign off with a favourite song of mine which I chanced upon on youtube - Sungha Jung, a child prodigy on guitar playing "Moon River"

Till then!

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