Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Are you my PERSON?

Sometimes I wonder why I bother keeping a blog when I don't even bother updating it. And there isn't any audience either, unlike my friend's blogs, where there are healthy streams of viewers and comments, etc.

I guess I'm a perfectionist when it comes to certain things. I need to do up my photos in perfect layout, settings, have the perfect font, etc. And so, I've made a small decision to stop uploading photos onto this blog, unless I think it's really too good to pass up on sharing. I think I won't want this blog to be "dead" again.

Along the lines of sharing, I've been asking myself a question lately. I've always been a giver, a listener when it comes to problems. I listen intensely when my friends shares - be it good or bad. Not that I'm complaining.

And so the question is: if I had a piece of good or bad news, who will I share it (other than Edmund of course)

If I'm planning a robbery, who will I rope in as accomplice?
(of course this is just a metaphor, I'm not intending to rob a bank)

If I'm planning a wedding, who will I rope in as coordinator?
(of course I know I've gotten a wrong helper, but if I could turn back time, who will it be?)

If I'm planning a business, who will I rope in as partner?
(of course I have partners, but some really failed me)

If I'm dying, who will I want to spend time with?
(other than my family of course)

I've been really thinking hard on who it will be, which is weird seeing that I have tons of friends. The more I think about it, the more emotional I feel/ become. Reason? Well, I can't seemed to bring up a name. Which is sad. And disturbing. And puzzling.

Are you my PERSON then?

Reply please.
Am looking forward to it.


kapipikopipi said...

its easy to make friends,
keep friends.
but when it comes to life and doings sometimes all we need is to find 1. and one really really good friend,is better than alot of friends.


. : : Juan Juan : : . said...

yes exactly.
that's why I'm searching for my Person.

Delicious Addictions said...
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Delicious Addictions said...

hmm I agree with YC, sometimes we only need 1. But the sad truth in life is that sometimes even the 1 might also let you down. Well, but it's cool if you can marry THE 1 and probably that's Ed for you?! hehehe but anw I definitely can relate to how you feel. We'll meet many people along our journey, and only a few good ones will stay. I'm glad I met You! And if there's anything, I'm just a tinkle away ya! Hugz! =)

~princess B~ said...

Yea. Totally agrees with your blog entry on this. However, i guess, this doesnt happen to YOU only. Maybe you should get a friend to rent a room in your house like JingYing Did. She got me and so we.. are FORCED to talk. =P

May said...

yes I am =)
but here's a better, or rather BEST alternative : Jesus!

Cloverflower said...

Just happended to read your blog about finding the 'person'. Cant help but do agreed on what you have mentioned. In life, I guessed sometimes friends left us for some reason....reason that probably that affect us emotionally....or reason that we find that it's not worth breaking up a friendship after all.....but it only takes 1 little step to just say sorry and melt down the ice that has been keeping each other frozen for many many years....I guessed the 'person' is really hard to find..no doubt we have so many friends that entered into our life......

. : : Juan Juan : : . said...

Niko> hahah I do share my thoughts with Ed all the time.. but I'm looking for the one other than him, you know what I mean? As in a fren-fren, not a hubby-fren cos I already have a hubby-fren! heheh I'm glad to have met you too!!

Bih> hahah I'm very sure you are not forced to talk with JY de.. u naturally will share your thoughts with her and that's what makes her a good friend for you!

May> To think that a question like this resuls in a simple yet accurate answer! I miss u greatly!!

cloverflower> Thanks for reading my blog! It's never easy to find and keep, so I do treasure everything that I've got!