Saturday, 21 June 2008

Unsung Heroes of Sichuan

What is the common thing between my blog and the recent happenings in the world?


I'm guilty of not being dilligent in updating my blog, which resulted in a massive amount of dust collected on my blog.

The world is losing countless lives engulfed by earthquakes, which resulted into millions of dust created by collapsed buildings.

Yet, there are groups of people out there, who are trying their very best to reach out to those trapped in these misfortunes, reaching out to those who are trying their best to keep alive despite having being trapped under the huge agglomeration.

Inspired, a group of us (we call ourselves ZPGY) came together to do something we do best - sing. It might not be something great but we do hope to reach out to more people and create awareness to raise more funds for the people of Sichuan. We believe that no matter how big or small the effort is, it's the thought that counts.

So here it is, for the unsung heroes for Sichuan...

Please spread the song around, paste in it your blog, msn, facebook or anywhere which you think can reach out to people.

Every effort makes a difference.

.:: Juan Juan ::.

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